Friday, January 4, 2013


Currently, many quotations attributed to RUMI ,and translated into English, are appearing on the internet, particularly on FACE BOOK, where some interesting artwork sometimes is attached. This practice is also done by various Hindu/Indian/Pakistani Devotees to differing cults and sects, of yoga,tantra, Buddhism,etc. and especially by those who connect themselves to the dervishes, fakirs, mystics, and THE FOURTH WAY.  Many of these gems of wisdom are understood only on an intellectual or emotional basis, without the 'vibrational' qualities needed for full assimilation, that is, seen but not heard or chanted or sung, or with much needed musical accompaniments that  one would experience in actual settings and situations where Sufis gather......                                                                                                                                                                   I shall not go into the various 'schools' of Sufism and 'neo-pseudo' Sufism and all the offshoots now finding their ways into the West but they all have their purposes and effects, even if minimal or major, and those who can sit and endure these 'episodes of Sufism' are to be commended for their patience, 'suffering', and 'ordeal' which usually does not go to the extent of their embracing any of the actual practices, save in rare instances.     It seems perhaps likely, that some 'self-initiated' Sufi practitioners, mainly through readings and videos have emerged to further mystify and confuse the searchers for the 'exotic', if not  for the 'esoteric'.                         The most that can be said, perhaps, on all this, is that one has to be active in 'the emotional/devotional' CENTER to fully accept and endorse and immerse into SUFISM.                                                                                 My descriptions here certainly do little justice to this subject which in this 'NEW CENTURY' 2013, will attract new followers and devotees who are seeking the 'TRUTH' & the 'WAY'.

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